art prints perfect for your zodiac signs

Art Prints Perfect for your Zodiac Sign | Handmade Collage Art

Every sign deserves it's own art! Fire, earth, water, and air.

Take a look inside at some very cutting edge collage surreal art. 


These art prints are sure to excite each and every one of the signs:



Aries, take a look inside, I know we will see some fiery beauty! 

Dinosaurs in my Laundry, 9x9" art print



This one is for the optimistic water sign. An octopus for good luck!

Octopus, 8x8" art print



Piscese, you ensure happiness to all around you. This print is perfect to remind you of the peace in the people around you.

Underbodied, 9x9" art print



Taurus, we all know you love a day cuddled up on the couch with a loyal companion! This one is for you.

If you could hear his heart doc..., 8x10" art print



Your two beautiful sides have never looked so good! 

Sisters, 8x10" art print



My emotions are swirling in this piece for you Cancer! 

Koi in Time, 10x8" art print



A Leo in the wild! They don't mind being in the spotlight, or in this case, having spectators!

The Spectator, 9x9" art print



Sophisticated and organized, this print its perfect for a Virgo.

Fashion Fit, 8x10" art print



Balance, calmness... Libra this print its made for you. 

The Bird Lady, 12x16" art print



Although you have a tough shell to break scorpio, you're sure full of personality on the inside. That's why this print is perfect for you! Remind yourself to show it off.

Open Mind, 8x10" Art Print



Where's your next trip Sagittarius??? Who's your +1? This print is perfect for the spontaneous globe trotter! 

Grand Touring, 12x18" Art Print



This ones for you, little goat! This one is perfect for the busy Capricorn. Keep this in your work station to remind you that all your hard work is paying off!

The Capricorn, 8x10" art print



Let me know, did this resonate with your sign? There are a lot more art prints available through Flanzella.

Take a look at other art prints that will inspire you!

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