New Flanzella Stickers by StickerCanada

New Flanzella Stickers by StickerCanada

I’m so pleased to show off the stickers StickerCanada gifted me. These matte-finished vinyl stickers just came in the mail and they are so cute! 

I hope to use them for packaging my online orders, allowing me to elevate my brand to new heights. Prior to receiving these, I would stamp my art prints on the back and place a post card in the packaging. Now, I can place these beautiful vinyl stickers as a seal on the envelope or on the exterior packaging so that people know instantly it’s their Flanzella order. 

These are 2x2 inch stickers which I think is the perfect size for this. It’s like a little badge on a delivery. 

I couldn’t resist and had to add one to my laptop sticker collection:

Close up shot of a logo sticker placed on a MacBook.

StickerCanada also offers a large variety of other sticker types:

- Art Paper Stickers (Gloss/Matte/Uncoated)

- Kraft Paper Stickers

- Standard Vinyl Stickers

- Bumper Stickers (PVC Gloss/PVC Matte/Transparent Gloss/Hologram)

I was happy to find out they also offer business cards: $15 for 200! I thought that was a great deal. Stickers and business cards are both great ways to add branding to your orders without breaking the bank. 

They offer free shipping and are a local Canadian company. When previously looking for a sticker print house, my orders were being shipped from all over the world (not to mention extremely expensive to ship). I found these to be reasonable in price and the quality is great. They also price match if you find a better deal.

The bleed on the circular edge was perfectly centred, which I have definitely had issues with in the past. 

I’d highly recommend giving them a shot next time you are ordering stickers for your business.

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