Meet the Artist

After years of collaging, I finally got the courage to open Flanzella as an Etsy shop in January of 2020 with 5 art prints.

The pandemic finally gave me the time I needed master my practice and become confident in my work being public. After months of creating, a friend and I decided to host an art exhibition in August of 2020. It featured all the work we created from the year, including the art prints. To our surprise, almost everything sold, giving us both the monetary investment we both needed to take our businesses to the next level.

When my Etsy shop opened, it was only 5 art prints and 3 stickers. Two years later and you can now purchase over 100 products! I couldn't have done it without my Flanz Fanz, so thank you so much!


Meet the Art

It was inevitable my whole life that I would be some form of artist. I started collaging from a very young age but got super into it im high school. I'd decorate my locker and binders. This then seeped into my art style in art class. 

When I went to university for multimedia, I worked primarily in video and audio and this style transferred to those projects. What I really missed was how traditional collage, analog collage, doesn't require any screen time. With all my projects (and now work) being all online, it was a nice break from the screen. I ran a collage club throughout university. 

I graduated and worked really hard at my jobs. When I was ultra stressed, I turned to art to heal me.